Learning SQL: 2nd Edition By Alan Beaulieu

Learning SQL: 2nd Edition By Alan Beaulieu
Learning SQL: 2nd Edition By Alan Beaulieu

About The E-Book

  • Title – Learning SQL, 2nd edition
  • Author – Alan Beaulieu
  • Total Pages – 337 Pages
  • Total Chapters – 15 Chapters
  • E-Book Size – 1 MB

( Learning ) SQL is a standard programming language for generating and retrieving information from a database. If you’re working with A personal database, writing The applications, performing The business tasks, or generating reports, you need to know how to interact with your data. Even if you are using a tool that generates SQL for you, such as a reporting tool, there may still be
cases where you need to bypass the automatic generation feature
and write your SQL statements.

Book Contents

  • Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Coding Environment
  • Chapter 2: Creating Your First Database and Table
  • Chapter 3: Beginning Data Exploration with SELECT
  • Chapter 4: Understanding Data Types
  • Chapter 5: Importing and Exporting Data
  • Chapter 6: Basic Math and Stats with SQL
  • And More

Learning SQL – Example Pages

Learning SQL Ex 1
Learning SQL Ex 2
Learning SQL Ex 3

Download “Alan_Beaulieu-Learning_SQL” Alan_Beaulieu-Learning_SQL (Mr Techies).pdf – Downloaded 18 times – 1.81 MB

About the Author

Alan Beaulieu has been designing, building, and implementing The custom database
applications for over The 15 years. He currently runs his The own consulting company specialising in designing The Oracle databases and Supporting services in financial services and telecommunications. In The building large databases for both The OLTP and The OLAP environments, Alan utilizes The Oracle features such as Parallel Query, Partitioning, and
Parallel Server. Alan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research from the
Cornell University School of The Engineering. He lives in The Massachusetts with his wife and
two daughters and can be reached at

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